VINLock's process is straightforward:


VINLock partners share vehicle data with VINLock for free, and in exchange, they gain a greater level of security over their assets.

  • All funded vehicle data is entered into the VINLock database, and if the lender so chooses, PPSAs are registered.​

  • Vehicles are checked weekly against the Provincial Registries for Ownership changes. All ownership changes are reported to the lender.

  • VIN data is shared with VINLock partners* and used to ensure vehicles are not being converted, exported or double financed.​

  • Before or during events that could impair a lender’s security, VINLock is consulted, and the appropriate steps are taken to prevent loss.​

"CARS, TRUCKS and heavy equipment stolen from Ontario have been seen – sometimes still with Ontario license plates – in Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Bosnia, Croatia, the Netherlands, China, Thailand, and across Africa and the Middle East."

Brett Popplewell, The Toronto Star

** VINLock is constantly working on expanding its partners. We are building relationships with the Department of Homeland Security, foreign governments, local law enforcement, etc. to prevent vehicle theft worldwide.